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6 Homeowners Insurance Tips For Super Bowl Party Hosts

By January 31, 2018April 9th, 2020English

6 Homeowners Insurance Tips For Super Bowl Party Hosts

So you are going to have a Super Bowl party? As they say, “its all fun and games until someone gets hurt” and I don’t mean the football players.

Ok here are some facts: 45% of Americans plan to host or attend a Super Bowl party according to the National Retail Federation. As a favorite American past time, for some its just a good excuse to get hammered, but some actually like football. Did I say that?

Insurance experts advise homeowners who choose to host a Super Bowl party to anticipate potential liabilities. There are some chances of potential insurance claims. Unfortunately, guests on your property are also a risk for which you may be held responsible.

Here are some real tips to help prevent a situation.

6. Lookout for the drunk guests.

Depending on the location, social host liquor laws or the criminal/civil laws may apply to homeowners that are providing liquor, booze, and hooch. For those that overindulge, ensure they do not drive. Consider asking a non-drinking guest to give the person a ride home or just call an Uber. Uber is great, don’t you think?

5. Clear icy or obstructed sidewalks.

For our area, we are headed into the coldest snowiest part of winter. That means anyone hosting a Super Bowl party could be liable should they get slip and fall on their steps driveway or walkway. This is a pitfall for the drunk guy! And he would probably consider it hitting the lottery! So don’t give him an excuse! So if that happens, hope that he passes out. Because then you just drag him to the neighbor’s sidewalk (joking!). Did I say that?

4. Responsibility “Fire up the Barbie”

Grilling food is easy, fast and delicious, but it also can be dangerous. Between 2009 & 2016, the U.S. Fire Department responded to an average of 8,900 home fires involving grills and barbicues per year. I guess that means, don’t let the drunk guy barbecue. I would just pass on that deep fried turkey thing. I guess that’s not popular anymore.

3. Ward off foodborne illnesses.

So that means, not to let your food sit around too long. When food gets to room temperature it’s only time before you have trouble. No double dipping in this serious flu season and make sure the drunk guy isn’t preparing the food.

2. Minimize pet stress and I stress, minimize pet stress.

Ok, for some people it’s all about the pets. It’s good to mention pets because people like to read about it, so we will mention it. But anyway, have you ever have somebody let their pet out and it goes straight to the coffee table with the hors d’oeuvres. It is not good for your pets. Don’t let the drunk guy give the dog people food.

1. Ok, let’s get insurance serious again. How about additional coverage like a personal umbrella.

Yes, a personal umbrella. Not the one for the rain, but the one that adds an additional million coverage to your home liability. A large lawsuit can financially wipe somebody out if they do not have enough coverage. Please call me and we can talk about additional coverages. But don’t wait until after the super bowl.

So the best advice I can give you is to be prepared for your party and look out for the drunk guy… and hopefully it’s not you.