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ATVs & Insurance

By July 1, 2019April 9th, 2020Abbott Insurance

ATVs & Insurance

ATV Basics

What is an ATV?

The simplest definition is All Terrain Vehicle.  But what characteristics define these vehicles?  ATVs typically have the following features:

  • Straddle seating
  • Handlebar steering
  • Rolltop bar
  • 3 or 4 wheels
  • Ability to move through a variety of terrain conditions

How many types of ATVs are there?

How do you know which one is right for you?  Here are a couple of models to consider.

Youth Models

Designed for children and teens.  Safety plays a major role with these models.  They are designed to have the engine stop should the operator fall off, which prevents them from potentially being dragged by the vehicle.

Side by Sides

They’re like golf carts except they have a suspension system identical to your run of the mill ATV with greater more skilled motors.  It is the only type of ATV that can carry passengers.

Utility ATVs

These ATVs are generally used for heavy work purposes. Built with powerful engines, these vehicles are ideal for hauling cargo, exploring harsh terrain, or even plowing fields.  They are also the vehicle of choice for hunters and ranchers.  They are powered by electricity and run more quietly.

Sports ATVs

These models are popular due to their speed, suspension and agility.  Allows riders to take quick turns ride uphill and run over obstacles with ease.  Most popular with racers.

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ATV Insurance

Now that we’ve talked about the different types of ATVs available, let’s talk about insuring them.  Here are a couple of things that ATV insurance covers:

Bodily Injury Liability

If an accident is caused by you, it pays for the medical bills of those injured as a result.

Property Damage Liability

Helps cover damages to another person’s property, if an accident is caused by you.


Pays for damage to your ATV if you hit another vehicle or object, or your vehicle rolls over.


Helps to pay for vandalism, theft, weather damage and accidents.  It also protects custom parts and equipment.

Uninsured Motorist

Helps protect you from uninsured drivers and may protect against hit-and-run accidents.

Underinsured Motorist

Protects you from drivers who do not have enough insurance to cover the costs of an accident.

Personal Injury Protection

Helps cover medical expenses, regardless of who is at fault.

OEM Endorsement

Ensures that your ATV is repairs with new parts from the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

What’s Not Covered

With all the coverage options available, you and your ATV are pretty well protected.  However, we must also be aware of what ATV insurance does not cover.  Standard policies will not cover loss or damages related to organized racing.  Standard policies will not cover damages due to riding on highways and roads because it is illegal.

Now that you know what ATVs are and what is and isn’t covered by ATV insurance, let us know if we can help you!  Contact us today!