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Winter is Coming. Are You Ready?

By November 8, 2018April 9th, 2020Auto

Winter is Coming. Are You Ready?

Winter is on its way and will be here before you know it.  Before it arrives, there are things you need to do to prepare your home and your vehicles.  Here are a few important things to focus on.

Your Home

Clean your gutters!

This is something you will have to do more than once.  Keep your downspouts and gutters clear of leaves and other debris.  This will ensure that water drains from them properly and doesn’t become a problem for you during the winter.  Clogged gutters lead to issues with ice later on, which can cause the gutters and downspouts support brackets to pull away from your home and create the risk of injury for anyone who visits your home.

Prune your trees!

Trimming your tree’s limbs can encourage healthy growth, but it can also help you to avoid limbs that break during the winter, as these can potentially bring down power lines, especially if they are close to your house.

Caulk around your doors and windows.

No one likes a drafty home.  It’s a detriment to energy efficiency, and no one wants an expensive energy bill.  Keep your home cozy and efficient by preventing drafts throughout the season.

Insulate your pipes!

Frozen water pipes can be a nightmare to deal with in the winter.  If you’re lucky, you may be able to warm the pipe enough to get water flowing again, but if you’re not, the pipe can burst, and you’ll end up with water all over your basement.  Check all of your pipes and insulate those that need it.

Inspect Your Chimney!

If there is anything that would cause your fireplace not to work properly or if there is any damage to the chimney that needs to be fixed, you want to know before more bitter temperatures present themselves.  This is definitely a good task to bring in a professional.

They understand the inner workings of your chimney and will be able to alert you to structural fixes that will need to be made to keep it in working order.

Clean your fireplace!

This is once again, a job best left to professionals.  As you use your fireplace over the winter, what happens is that soot and creosote build-up in the fireplace and your chimney.  After about eighty fires, you’ll want to have your fireplace cleaned.  Creosote and soot buildup can reduce airflow in your chimney and can also lead to an unwanted fire inside your chimney which can potentially spread to other parts of the house.

To make sure that your fireplace and chimney are cleaned properly, be sure to contact a certified chimney sweep.

Your Recreational Vehicles

If you have a boat, make sure that you’ve winterized your motors and have an appropriate cover to protect surfaces and equipment through the winter.

If you have an RV, the main thing you need to protect is your RV’s plumbing systems.  Be sure to have your RV serviced by a professional for this one.  Missing just one aspect of your RV’s water and drainage systems can lead to costly repairs later on.

Do you have a motorcycle?  Be sure to wash it thoroughly before you store it.  Be sure to change the oil and filter and lubricate all moving parts.  Be sure to add stabilizer to your fuel tank and top it off to prevent rust while your bike is being stored.

Your car

Be sure that you check all of your car’s fluid levels and top them off as necessary.  Check your battery to be sure it doesn’t quit on you in the middle of winter.

Make sure your windshield wipers are in good condition.  You can’t drive if you can’t see where you’re going.

Make sure that your belts and hoses are in proper working order.  If they are dried out and frayed, have them replaced before winter arrives.

Have your tires checked out.  Many models of tire are all weather, but not all of them.  Make sure you have the tires you need on your car, otherwise driving through snow and ice will be impossible.

And last, but not least, get your car washed and waxed.  Road salt can be a nightmare for the body of your car.  Be sure to get a good coat of wax on it to protect your vehicle’s exterior.

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful.  Be sure to get your vehicles prepped before the temperature drops!