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Captive insurance is a unique way for a business to insure itself. In many cases it can improve a business’ tax position and help to avoid legal pitfalls. Could captive insurance be an option for your business?

Insurance that gives your business more control.

Captive insurance has nothing to do with kidnapping. Rather, it’s a completely different way for a business to insure against risks. In effect, the business sets up a separate legal entity (a “captive insurance company”) that acts as the insurer itself, rather than taking out a policy with a traditional insurance company.
Common reasons for doing this include:

El seguro para inquilinos consta de dos partes. La primera es la cobertura de la propiedad por daños o pérdidas por ciertos eventos inesperados. Asegúrese de verificar los detalles de la cobertura del seguro de inquilinos; por lo general, habrá un límite general en el pago y una cantidad máxima para cualquier reclamo de seguro de inquilinos. A continuación, se muestran algunos ejemplos de lo que se puede cubrir en una póliza para inquilinos:
Benefits your business on multiple levels.

Legally, the business itself will own and control the captive insurance company. In practice, it often makes sense to get outside experts to oversee day-to-day management. This is partly to reduce the administration and bureaucracy involved and partly because managers can lend their insight on ways to improve the tax position and avoid any legal pitfalls.

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