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Abbott/Milano Insurance Agency offers insurance coverage for cars and trucks.

Your vehicle represents a significant financial investment, susceptible to various potential losses beyond your control. We are committed to ensuring that you have the necessary protection at an affordable price.

Coverage designed for your daily driver.

In many cases, a car or truck stands as your most substantial asset aside from your home. Auto insurance provides a safeguard against potential financially debilitating losses and the inconvenience of being without transportation.

What constitutes the minimum required coverage?

It’s important to recognize that not all car insurance is identical. Some auto insurance policies merely meet the legal requirements, covering damage caused to other cars in collisions in most states. However, in no-fault states, auto insurance may extend coverage to your own car or truck. Additionally, legal regulations often stipulate that auto insurance policies must include coverage for certain medical bills resulting from a car crash.

Enhance your auto policy with valuable additional features.

Certain auto insurance policies provide expanded protection, ensuring coverage for your car or truck in case of theft, damage, destruction by fire, or accidents not involving other vehicles. You can also opt for policies that safeguard your car against damage caused by an uninsured driver.

Reach out to us to guarantee you have the appropriate car insurance coverage in place with the right insurance company. Failing to do so may pose risks to yourself, your family, and others.

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