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Abbott/Milano Insurance Agency offers renters insurance.

When renting or leasing, it’s important to note that your landlord’s insurance typically only covers the building, leaving your personal belongings unprotected. We customize coverage to safeguard both your personal property and your lifestyle during the rental period.

Is your personal property adequately protected?

While your landlord’s insurance may seem comprehensive, it only applies to the building itself. Renters insurance becomes essential for protecting your valuables, and surprisingly, it is a more cost-effective option than you might assume.

What your renters policy encompasses.

Renters insurance consists of two key components. The first is property coverage, protecting against damage or loss resulting from specific unexpected events. It’s essential to review your policy details, as there will typically be an overall limit on the payout and a maximum amount for individual claims. Examples of covered items include:

Liability coverage choices.

Renters policies also offer protection through liability coverage. If, for instance, you accidentally damage the rental property or if someone is injured while visiting your apartment, your insurance would provide coverage.

Loss of use coverage.

In the event that the rental property becomes uninhabitable due to a covered event, you may receive compensation for living expenses. This safety net helps you recover from such losses that would otherwise be out-of-pocket expenses.

Exceptions to renters insurance.

Certain items are not covered, such as a vehicle parked on the rental property. Renters insurance typically does not extend coverage to your car in this scenario.

Whether you are renting a home or a studio apartment, having renters insurance is crucial, and it is surprisingly affordable. We are here to guide you through the options to ensure you have the necessary coverage and protection.

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