General Liability Insurance

Comprehensive protection that keeps up with your industry.

Abbott/Milano Insurance Agency offers general liability insurance.

Regardless of your business’s size or nature, uncertainties are inevitable. We collaborate with you to assess your business risks and tailor an insurance package that aligns with the specific needs of your business.

Safeguarding against the risk of damages.

While it’s evident that you need protection for your buildings, equipment, and staff, the less apparent yet equally crucial aspect is safeguarding against potential damages to other individuals and businesses. This risk could result in substantial payouts if you are found liable.

Scope of coverage and exclusions of general liability insurance.

General liability insurance primarily covers bodily injury to individuals external to your business and physical damage to their property. Exceptions to this coverage include instances of data loss and reputation damage, such as defamation by one of your business’s staff members. Notably, general liability coverage does not extend to cases where you face a lawsuit for providing inadequate professional advice. For this specific risk, Errors & Omissions insurance (E&O) becomes vital.

When is general liability insurance necessary?

Your business requires general liability insurance if you engage with clients (either at your business or theirs) or have physical access to their equipment. Additionally, some businesses may make general liability insurance a prerequisite before entering into a contract with you.

General liability insurance is a commonplace necessity for most businesses. We can assist you in determining a policy that suits the unique needs of your business.

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