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Abbott/Milano Insurance Agency offers condo insurance.

The standard condo policy usually provides coverage for the structural aspects of your unit, leaving your personal belongings and the interior of the unit vulnerable. We ensure that you comprehend your bylaws and acquire the necessary protection.

What does condo insurance encompass?

While your condo association’s insurance likely safeguards common areas, it may not cover improvements, fixtures, or your personal possessions within the unit. Condo insurance addresses these gaps, combining elements of both landlord and renters insurance tailored to the unique needs of your condo.

Safeguarding your personal property.

Condo insurance protects your personal belongings within your unit, covering everything from appliances to clothing in case of loss. Without this coverage, replacing lost or damaged possessions would be an out-of-pocket expense. Additionally, condo insurance covers damages resulting from theft, fire, severe wind, lightning strikes, and frozen pipes, but it typically excludes coverage for flooding.

Liability coverage options.

Beyond property coverage, condo policies may include liability coverage. For instance, if a guest is injured in your condo, it covers their medical expenses and protects you in the event of a lawsuit for damages to another condo property. Living expenses may also be covered if your condo unit becomes uninhabitable due to damage.

Tailoring coverage for your condo.

Determining the exact coverage needed for your condo unit can be confusing, so we collaborate with you to identify the right condo insurance policy. We emphasize the affordability of condo insurance compared to potential out-of-pocket costs for replacing personal belongings.

We simplify the process by clarifying the aspects not covered by your condo association and illustrating how our policy addresses those deficiencies. Reach out to us today to explore and discuss the available options for your condo insurance.

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