Business Auto Insurance

Coverage to protect your business cars, trucks, and other vehicles.

Abbott/Milano Insurance Agency offers business auto insurance.

Whether you possess a single vehicle or an entire fleet, we can assist you in crafting tailored coverage to safeguard your business and personal assets from the unique exposures associated with commercial vehicles.

Adding an extra layer to your auto policy.

While a vehicular collision is never a favorable circumstance, complications intensify when it involves one of your business’s cars or trucks. Business auto insurance, also known as commercial auto insurance, encompasses all aspects of regular auto coverage and provides additional protection.

Increased liability coverage compared to individual auto insurance.

For instance, when opting for commercial car insurance, you can typically secure significantly higher liability coverage, reflecting the greater assets typically at risk for a business compared to an individual. Additionally, commercial auto insurance offers collision insurance, ensuring coverage for damage to your commercial vehicle regardless of who is at fault—a crucial protection, especially for leased or financed commercial vehicles.

Crucial for employees using personal vehicles for work.

It is also prudent to consider employers non-owned car liability coverage. This add-on or separate policy covers instances where your employees use their personal cars or trucks for work-related purposes. This coverage helps mitigate the risk of legal complications if they experience injuries or damage to their vehicles during such occasions.

Commercial car insurance is indispensable for business owners, but navigating the various coverages can be perplexing. We are here to assist!

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