Commercial Property Insurance

Coverage that protects your assets.

Abbott/Milano Insurance Agency offers commercial property insurance.

Commercial property insurance serves as a safeguard for your assets in case of theft, damage, or destruction due to fire or natural disasters. We collaborate with you to create insurance coverage that shields your company’s property.

Is your business ready for unforeseen challenges?

Unfortunate events like fire, flooding, theft, or accidental damage pose a threat not only to your property but also to the well-being of your business. Losing essential assets such as buildings, commercial vehicles, or equipment could potentially deal a severe blow to your business.

Replacement of lost or damaged property.

A commercial property insurance policy can mitigate the financial impact of replacing lost or damaged property. Furthermore, it may cover associated losses, including lost income, incurred when part or all of your business is temporarily inactive.

Coverage for additional, unforeseen expenses.

Exploring the features of a business property insurance policy is worthwhile, as it may encompass risks you haven’t considered. For instance, some policies protect against additional costs arising if the reconstruction of a damaged business facility results in the loss of local building code exemptions. Other aspects to verify include whether the policy covers the expense of debris removal before reconstruction starts and if the business property is insured against damage from weather events during the rebuilding process.

Commercial property insurance is a reliable means to secure your business location, assets, and income. If you have inquiries, we are here to assist!

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