House gutters, also known as rain gutters, help discharge water collection from your home. To many, they may seem like a decorative feature to your home, but they have many more uses than visual aesthetics. They are especially useful during rainy weather, and highly necessary in wet weather areas. Although not all houses may need them, most do. Let’s dive deeper into their uses.

What Are They?:

House gutters are made of metal and horizontally positioned on the edges of your roof. They catch rainwater off your room and direct it to fall into a downspout. A downspout is a vertical portion of the gutter that has water flow from the roof to ground level, away from your home’s foundation.


They keep your home’s foundation in-tact which is essential for the structural architecture. If the water pounds into the soil foundation line, it increases the risks of your home becoming unstable and your basement leaking. Maintains yours and your neighbors’ homes’ landscape appearance. Powerful rainstorms can easily create water-pooling, ditches, splashing mud onto your siding and windows, and destruction of your beautiful gardens. Water must be controlled and maintained to flow away from your home rather than directly onto your land. Directing it away from concrete will also help prevent sinking and cracking.

Maintaining Gutters:

Clean your gutter regularly. Having backed-up gutters can be just as bad as having no gutters. If they are not properly cleaned, they may become clogged, and the water will become trapped. Cleaning gutters may entail taking twigs, leaves, and debris out. Lonsmith Roofing and Construction suggests cleaning your gutters twice a year, once in the spring and then again in the fall.

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